What is a Remote Workforce?

A 'remote workforce' is a group or team of several employees in an organisation that work mainly from remote locations other than a standard office space.

Some common places for remote work include; homes, holiday homes, cafes, public libraries, hotels and anywhere else with an internet connection.

How do you make an agile Remote Workforce?

To make a remote workforce more agile, the use of technology, communication platforms and collaboration tools can help everyone understand tasks and keep on track, helping employees to work fast and effectively.

A hosted desktop is an example of a device that can help benefit groups and teams of employees when working remotely.

Technology is an essential tool for remote work. Remote employees must have access to the files, applications, software and resources to accomplish their tasks or job fast, effectively, effortlessly and productively.

What is Remote Workforce Management?

The term 'remote workforce management' refers to a method or solution for managing and monitoring workers; it enables businesses to manage and lead individuals and teams that are working in remote locations.

There are many applications and software for remote working, whether it's for management, productivity or collaborations.

Benefits of Remote Workforces

Having a remote workforce can provide numerous benefits for both businesses and employees.

Engagement and productivity - there is an increase in engagement and productivity as employees can have better control over their work environment, enabling employees to work fast, effectively and effortlessly.

Decrease in costs - as employees are able to work from remote locations, such as homes, organisations and businesses are able to reduce spending due to less need for desk or office space.

Sustainability - remote work lowers a businesses carbon footprint by reducing daily travels and decreasing energy expenses connected with on-premise offices.

Flexibility - The ability to choose when, where and how to get work and tasks done benefits employees. As standard working procedures or methods are reduced, workers may discover more efficient ways to complete jobs and have more control over environmental distractions, which helps them concentrate and stay engaged.

Agriculture, Dairy Farmers, Education, Logistics and IT are some industries that benefit from having remote workforce's within their businesses.

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