What is Agile Working?

'Agile working' is the ability to work fast, effectively and effortlessly. Workers have a choice of work environments from which they may select, based on what they need to accomplish.

It is when an organisation allows its employees to work where they want, when they want and how they want in order to maximise their performance and produce their best work.

What is the difference between 'agile working' and 'flexible working'?

Agile working exceeds flexible working in that an agile method may be used anywhere and at any time.

'Flexible working' is used in the context of ways that suit an employee's needs or requirements. An example of this would be flexible working hours, such as finishing early to pick up children from school, or working remotely, such as from home to look after a relative.

'Agile working' focuses on what the workplace offers for its employees to enable them to work fast and effectively, such as allowing them to choose hours or where they work to help maximise their performance.

How do you make an agile workspace?

To make work more agile, it means allowing flexibility within the workspace rather than placing restrictions in place.

Workplace flexibility - Staff that work remotely, with flexible hours or unrestricted days off may benefit. This may boost company productivity.

Invest in team empowerment - utilise agile work to create a healthy and supportive workplace that supports and empowers teams, increasing the businesses productivity. Team building activities are a good start to creating team empowerment.

Prioritising speed - Swiftness is valued in agile working. Flexibility and fewer rules and regulations in a workspace help. More individuals are accessible to accomplish any job in a manner that fits them.

Less pressure - More flexible job roles and labour divisions make work more diverse and exciting for workers in agile workplaces.

Promoting agile working and practises - An agile organisation provides employees to work in flexible ways. Giving them a room to concentrate, interacting or engaging with colleagues using technology or giving more breaks are all ways to encourage an agile workplace. This can help increase the businesses productivity and focus.

Benefits of agile working

Creating an agile workplace by reducing limitations and having employees find the most productive way to work can benefit both your employees and business.

Flexibility - The ability to choose when, where and how to work benefits workers. As standard working procedures or methods are reduced, workers may discover more efficient ways to complete jobs.

Technology - As agile workplaces are making use of technology, communication platforms and collaboration tools are able to help everyone understand tasks and keep on track, helping employees to work fast and effectively.

A hosted desktop is an example of a device that can help benefit groups and teams of employees when working remotely.

Productivity - Agile working increases productivity in a workplace as employees and workers are able to fast, effectively and effortlessly due to the flexibility and choice of work environments.

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