What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the distribution of various computer services and resources over the Internet (the cloud), without the user being directly involved in their management, enabling quicker and more flexible innovation.

These services and resources, which are provided by cloud service providers, include tools and applications such as servers, processing power, storage, software, analytics and networking.

Why should I use Cloud Computing?

Instead of storing data on local storage devices or hard drives, cloud-based storage enables users to securely store and save resources and software to a remote database, which can be accessed from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

So, instead of dealing with the hassle and clutter of storing data and software on PCs, cloud providers offer their services for a fee, which enables users secure access to resources and software remotely.

A hosted cloud desktop is an example of cloud computing.

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud service providers enable clients to store files and data on remote servers and access them from any device through the Internet. This ensures that the person does not have to be physically present in a certain location to get access to it, allowing for remote work.

Cloud service providers also provide different cloud environments; private, public and hybrid, allowing businesses to meet their requirements.

Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, GoCloud and VMWare are some examples of cloud service providers.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is popular and beneficial for clients and businesses for numerous reasons including cost savings, increased productivity, efficiency, performance and security.

By using cloud computing services, businesses are able to avoid upfront costs and instead pay for what they use, rather than building and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. Cloud computing also eliminates the expenses of paying for hardware and software and even having to set up and run the on-site data centres.

Furthermore, this increases the productivity for businesses as hardware setup, maintenance and other time-consuming activities are eliminated as cloud computing removes the need for many of these tasks. Therefore, businesses are able to spend time achieving goals and growing their business.

With a traditional desktop, if a laptop or computer is stolen, the data on it becomes exposed and accessible to anyone. So, if a device using local storage is lost or hacked, all of the data stored on the device may be wiped easily. Devices using Cloud Computing, however, improve security by storing all application and data in secure data centres, thereby, minimising the effect of a security breach.

Switch to hosted desktops

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