What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform designed for small and medium-sized accounting firms.

Xero performs functions and tasks such as invoicing and payroll, simplifying everyday business tasks, it also enables you to connect the software to a live bank feed.

Once your bank feed is up and running, all information and reports will be accessible to view. Balance statement, profit & loss, cash summary, account transactions, budget manager and cash flow are some of the statistics the reports will overview. These report features may be customised, they can also include ratio, new blocs and groups.

Why should you use Xero?

Xero is able to perform many functions and operations that can make the performance, accessibility and management more enhanced and effortless for the end-user experience.

Below are some of the many functions Xero is able to do.


Xero software enables businesses to have precise and clear financial overviews, simplifying administration and monitoring.

Xero's dashboard offers a unique perspective of a company's cash flow, enabling accountants to see precisely how much money is coming in and going out, as well as a breakdown of total expenditures and bank balances.

Xero helps assist you in keeping track of your payments whilst also preventing financial errors or mistakes.

You may also rearrange and modify the cards to suit your needs. This results in a better tailored experience that meets your business's demands.


Snapshot is a dashboard-style report that displays key performance indicators to assist you in analysing your business's financial performance and position.

Before any financial indicators are shown and relevant in Xero, you must have at least two or more months of reconciled transactions. The statistics include the profitability of your business and the average time it takes for clients to pay you.

To maintain your Dashboard information is regularly updated, you must reconcile your bank transactions on a regular basis.

Access Anytime from Anywhere

As Xero is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, at any time, on any modern device, such as a hosted desktop.

Xero accounting software is mobile-friendly and requires no IT support or software installation. To start using Xero, just choose the monthly plan that best suits your requirements and enter your login information.

Other users may see what information you add or modify if you add them to the user list. Permissions may be tiered to provide you or key decision-makers access to confidential or restricted information.

Bills to Pay

Bills to Pay is one of the essential features of Xero. It enables you to record, monitor, track, replicate and pay for bills in one location. Moreover, with everything stored in the cloud, you can access bills at any time, from anywhere, on any device.


Payroll simplifies compliance and reporting as employees are paid with HMRC online payroll software. Automated tax, pay and pension calculations are all perfomed by Xero.


Creating, sending and tracking bills using Xero is much quicker and simpler.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly generate and send an invoice from your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Some of the main features of Xero invoicing include:

Create invoices on your phone - create and send online invoices from your phone as soon as a task is completed

Setting up repeating or multiple invoices - create and email recurring invoices automatically or email multiple invoices simultaneously from Xero

Immediate payment - invoices may be "payment-enabled"

Replicate the last invoice - save time by replicating and modifying your previous invoices

Multi-currency accounting - invoice a customer in GBP or multi-currency, whilst Xero automatically keeps track of any exchange gain and loss

Account statement - send an account statement straight from Xero

These are just a few of the many functions Xero's invoicing is capable of doing.

Benefits of using Xero

Below are some of the advantages of using Xero.

Get tasks completed faster - Xero can automatically complete tasks, such as importing bank transactions and sending invoice reminders, giving you more free time to do other everyday jobs and tasks.

Access from anywhere, at any time - as Xero is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, just by connecting to the internet. Xero can also be accessed by Xero's mobile app.

Secure numbers - as all the data is stored safely in one place, the cloud, it's secure and easy to get a snapshot of your business's tracking.

Customizable - build your plan which can be customized with add-ons to suit your business's requirements.

Connect to your bank - set up bank feeds from your account so transactions are imported automatically and securely into Xero.

Collaborate in real time - access the same up-to-date information and data at the same time, whilst also leaving comments and discussing business data in real time.

Xero's Pricing Plans

Xero has three plans (starter, simple and premium), each designed for different business plans, whether it's for new starting businesses or growing businesses. They also each have their own different features, including optional add-on features, such as Payroll and Track Projects.

There is also no limit as to how many Xero organisations you want to add. Each one with their own pricing plan.

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