Why UK businesses should use UK Hosted Desktops

A UK business using UK Hosted Desktops would improve the performance and data protection of their resources, in contrast to using a Hosted Desktop Service from abroad.

What is a Remote Hosted Desktop?

A Remote Hosted Desktop, also referred to as a DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), is a cloud-based platform that enables easy access to resources, applications, software and data on any device with an internet connection, giving businesses the ultimate freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere.

The hosted desktop environment is stored on servers provided by the Hosted Desktop Service provider.

How does a UK Hosted Desktop work?

UK Hosted Desktop providers, such as GoCloud, start by moving the businesses apps, data and files securely into the cloud.

That business is then able to easily access them from any device at any time over the internet, giving them the freedom and accessibility they need, whilst provided with high levels of security and IT performance.

Benefits of using a UK Hosted Desktop

Using UK Hosted Desktops, such as GoCloud, provides numerous benefits to other UK businesses and industries.

Complete Desktop Experience - using Hosted Desktops feels very familiar as to using a normal office desktop, so no training or teaching is required. The only difference is that all data and resources are moved into the cloud.

It is all stored securely in the cloud - instead of a company's data being held in numerous different places and devices, everything is moved to a central location where it can be accessed, securely stored and backed-up daily. The Cloud Servers and services are also safeguarded against assaults using brute force detection and firewalls.

Access from anywhere and any time - a company's data, resources and software is all stored in UK data centres (the cloud), which can all be accessed anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Better speeds and search rankings - using UK Hosted Desktops will provide a UK company with higher speeds, which can also benefit Search Engines and web rankings, compared to using a Hosted Desktop provider from abroad which could result in poor user experience.

Faster response times - with UK Hosted Desktop services companies in the UK will have much quicker response times to issues, such as security checks, backups and downtime's, compared to if it was a responding Hosted Desktop service abroad.

Data Protection Act - if a UK company stored data on a UK Hosted Desktop server, then they would be bound by the Data Protection Act.

Switch to hosted desktops

GoCloud offer superior managed cloud hosting, based from UK ISO27001 certified data centres.

If you're ready to make the switch, get in touch on 01482 751133 or email hello@gocloud.co.uk to find out more.

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