How do hosted desktops work?

GoCloud hosted desktops give small businesses access to a simple remote working solution without the risk or complexity of other cloud services.

How hosted desktops work

Hosted desktops explained in under 60 seconds

Hosted Desktop Solution

Hosted desktops look and feel just like your existing desktop computer.

That means using a hosted desktop will feel very familiar to you and your team, so there's nothing new to learn, no training required, and no down-time when switching to a hosted desktop service.

Hosted Desktop Computer
Cloud Desktop

Your data, files, and software are all stored securely in the cloud.

Instead of your company data being held in lots of different places and on different devices, we move everything to a central location where it can be securely stored, accessed, and backed-up daily.

Cloud Hosted Services

Your team can access everything you need from anywhere at any time.

With your company data, files, and software all stored in our UK data centres (the cloud), you and your team will be able to access everything you need at anytime from any device with the internet.

Cloud Hosted Service
Remote Working Solution

Hosted desktops put you in full control of your IT and your company.

You have complete control over what your team can access, how they access it, and what they can do with your company data.

We take care of everything else in the cloud, meaning you never have to worry about security, anti-virus, back-ups, or IT upgrades ever again!

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