Hosted Desktops for Charities

GoCloud hosted desktops help charities thrive with IT that raises expectations.

Hosted Desktops for Charities

We understand that running and growing a charity is incredibly hard work. With so many members of the public getting involved, a fragile economic climate and a constant need for confidentiality, your organisation requires a versatile and robust system for managing various departments and responsibilities.

Through a hosted desktop infrastructure from GoCloud, you can transform the way you work and overcome obstacles that have previously blocked your path.

Maximise productivity and home working

A hosted desktop offers your usual desktop experience, with all of its files, folders, software, emails and settings.

The difference is that rather than being stored on your own on-site server, we host it within our sophisticated UK data centres.

Due to your desktop being hosted remotely, you can access it from any device anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

The result is each member of staff having constant access to their own desktops no matter where they are, such as when working from home, visiting a sponsor, running events and public engagement activity, and even whilst on the bus or train.

Rather than staff and volunteers editing files whilst out and about and needing to remember to upload them to an office computer, they have access to their familiar desktop around the clock.

This greatly improves productivity levels and removes the risk of files being out of date, accidentally overwritten with older versions, or simply being inaccessible when needed most.

First-rate security

Charitable organisations have a wide variety of data that has to be kept confidential.

All it takes is for some data to be lost, corrupted or accessed by an unauthorised party and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a PR and legislation nightmare.

With this in mind, we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that hosted desktops from GoCloud come with the following security features as standard:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Exceptional antivirus software
  • Two-factor authentication
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • An isolated Citrix/Windows environment so that your server is always located on its own individual hardware within our secure data centres

Save on energy costs

More than any other type of business, charities need to ensure that their daily operations are as cost-effective as possible.

The uneconomical application of funds can cause a real headache and undo all of your employees’ hard work, so affordable and efficient systems are an absolute necessity.

Whilst hosted desktops can play a leading role in improving your fundraising activity, they also significantly reduce energy consumption.

This is due to your computer equipment not having to work as hard to perform its usual tasks.

Meanwhile, remotely hosted desktops remove the need for in-house servers, which guzzle electricity and also require an air conditioned environment to remain functional.

In addition, when you use hosted desktops you have the option to replace your old hardware with thin clients.

These are specifically designed to access hosted desktops through an internet connection and use a lot less electricity than traditional hardware, bringing further savings on your monthly utility bills whilst also being environmentally friendly.

GDPR compliance

We talked about security earlier but there’s an additional benefit that hosted desktops bring to charities.

Cloud computing makes it extremely easy to store and manage data on a single server, which is a huge advantage to GDPR compliance.

Rather than having the individual files stored on multiple devices that might not be password protected, they’re all kept in our secure data centres.

Your staff simply log in to their personal hosted desktops when required, without physically downloading files onto multiple computers, laptops and smartphones.

Affordable and flexible

Hosted desktops from GoCloud can be upscaled and downscaled as often as required, ensuring that you’re only paying for what you use.

They also give you the ability to allow volunteers and temporary staff to access relevant files from their own devices, removing the need to invest in additional hardware.

Choose hosted desktops and watch your overheads rapidly decrease from day one!

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