Hosted Desktops for Construction

GoCloud hosted desktops help construction companies build a better future with remote working.

Hosted Desktops for Construction

With the UK construction industry growing at a very fast rate and forming a major part of the Build Back Better campaign, businesses need to ensure that they’re fully equipped to work as efficiently and lucratively as possible. Many experts are saying that the future of construction is digital, as a wide range of tools and platforms are currently used to design, plan, manage and deliver countless forms of construction projects.

With this in mind, companies within the construction industry need to know that their computer systems are capable of taking on an ever-growing number of tasks without disruption or falling prone to security breaches, which is where hosted desktops from GoCloud come into play.

What are hosted desktops?

Hosted desktops present a whole host of benefits yet are surprisingly easy for a business to use to their full potential.

Put simply, all of a user’s files, folders, software, emails and even their desktop wallpaper are made available on any device from anywhere in the world.

All you need is an internet connection and suddenly your familiar desktop experience is accessible no matter where you are, such as on a construction site, at a client’s offices or even during your commute.

This is made possible by the desktop being hosted on one of GoCloud’s remote servers, which are monitored 24/7 and guaranteed to work smoothly around the clock.

How does this benefit the construction industry?

A hosted desktop means that every member of staff has instant access to everything they need, even if they’re not in the office.

A hosted desktop can be used on any PC, Mac, Linux machine, laptop or iPad, as well as on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Whether it’s an architect who needs to check anything from a building application to a CAD file, a site manager keeping on top of emails, an accountant updating a spreadsheet with the latest cost projections or a mobile worker logging their weekly hours, all of this data and much more is available 24/7.

From swifter and smoother decision making to the ability to check vital information at a moment’s notice, a hosted desktop infrastructure is a very wise investment for all types of businesses in the construction industry.

Unparalleled communication

GoCloud hosted desktops can come with any software you require, whether that’s an application made available to all staff or software licenses for a select few.

Aside from keeping everyone in contact through email and project management apps like Slack, it also means that everyone will have the latest version of applications such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Rather than being limited to slow and overlapping email threads, hosted desktops give you everything you need to stay in touch with the rest of the workforce.

Say goodbye to waiting for someone to download software or install an update, as we manage it all on your behalf.

Practical cost-saving measures

Sticking to a strict budget can be difficult, so all of your overheads need to be logical and worthwhile.

GoCloud hosted desktops are competitively priced and you only pay for what you need.

The result is no superfluous user accounts, all of your software licenses available from one supplier for an excellent price, and the power to upscale and downscale our service as regularly as required.

Meanwhile, due to the energy-efficient nature of hosted desktops, your company will use less electricity.

This is greatly magnified if you choose to replace old hardware with thin clients, which are specifically designed to access hosted desktops via the internet and consume minimal energy in the process.

Not only is this great for your utility bills but you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet.

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