Hosted Desktops for Dairy Farmers

GoCloud hosted desktops help dairy farmers take advantage of the digital cash cow that is remote working.

Hosted Desktops for Dairy Farmers

Farmers have been milking cows for thousands of years, but it’s only during the 21st century that the dairy sector has significantly improved operational efficiency through cloud-based data management.

Thanks to digital systems such as GoCloud hosted desktops, UK dairy farmers are increasing the consistency, speed and efficiency of their daily tasks, all while keeping costs surprisingly low.

How do hosted desktops work?

Imagine your usual computer desktop, with its files, folders, applications, shortcuts, and perhaps even a desktop wallpaper of your prize-winning herd.

A hosted desktop keeps all of this exactly the way you like it, the key difference being that it’s stored in our secure data centres rather than on your in-house server.

Connected via the internet, you can then access everything you need from anywhere you like, whether that’s in the office, at a distributor’s premises, whilst visiting a retailer’s store or even when you’re travelling between them all.

Access from anywhere

We’ve briefly explained that hosted desktops enable you to access your files and data from anywhere, but just take a moment to think about how this can be applied to a dairy farm.

With all of your employees having their own password protected hosted desktop available on any computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone, they can view, upload, edit and share key information as soon as they need to.

Everyone from the herd manager to the farm assistants can check and update crucial data whilst on the move, such as animal health, milk production levels and herd tracking systems.

Meanwhile, the farm owner, the accountant, and the team that manages business development, marketing and sales can access data related to staffing, budgets, diversification, distribution and purchasing whilst on the go.

This greatly optimises communication between the company’s many departments and ensures documentational consistency across the board.

You never have to worry about bad data

Data is crucial to a dairy farm, yet it can very easily go wrong. Sometimes it might be a case of different staff working from separate versions of the same file, which leads to inconsistencies and errors.

Other times it could be incompatibility issues, misplaced or deleted files, or even the risk of data breaches due to a poorly protected network.

With a GoCloud hosted desktop infrastructure across your dairy farm, all of these problems simply go away.

When you choose hosted desktops, you no longer have to worry about data being secluded to a single computer at the other side of the premises.

Due to you accessing the files remotely, you’re always working on the most up to date version because that’s the only version there is.

In addition, all of your hosted desktops come with unparalleled security, including 256-bit encryption, powerful antivirus software, two-factor authentication, ISO 27001 certification, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that malware and hackers simply can’t get to it.

This doesn’t just apply to a single site either, so if you have multiple dairy farms you can rest assured that all data is securely stored in a professional data centre, monitored by our technicians 24/7, and standardised across your entire business regardless of how many sites you own.

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