Hosted Desktops for Estate Agents

GoCloud hosted desktops help estate agents close more deals by giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.

Hosted Desktops for Estate Agents

Estate agents need a vast range of digital resources at their fingertips when buying, renting and selling homes. An IT system that enables instant access without any delays and disruptions can be hard to come by.

That's why hosted desktops from GoCloud offer unparalleled value for money when installed across your agency.

Immediate access from anywhere

Imagine your current desktop arrangement, with all of the files, folders, software, emails, images and data that you use on a daily basis.

A hosted desktop infrastructure allows you and your staff to access all of this 24/7 from any device.

That's whether they’re on the business premises, working from home, visiting a property, commuting between sites or even abroad.

With contracts and sales deals in the estate agency sector being so time-sensitive, knowing that authorised users can view, edit, upload and share crucial information from anywhere brings a huge boost to your levels of productivity and efficiency.

Perfect when meeting potential buyers

If a sales representative is meeting up with a buyer at the property itself, a hosted desktop will give them access to all of the key data that often pops up during the conversation.

It can be difficult to have all of this info written down, but using their laptop or smartphone they can instantly bring up floor plans, dimensions, energy efficiency reports.

Anything that the buyer may want to know can be accessed right there and then.

If they’re meeting the buyer at your offices, the speed of GoCloud hosted desktops means that viewing virtual tours, drone videography and high-resolution images won’t pose a problem.

Everything loads quickly and efficiently the moment you need it.

Significantly reduce admin hours

Hosted desktops work incredibly well with digital management tools, such as your CRM, automation software, shared calendars, appointment systems, video conferencing applications, Office 365, and scheduling platforms for social media channels and email campaigns.

With the power to access all of this and much more at any time of day from any PC, Mac, Linux machine, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry, you never have to worry about forgetting to complete a task due to the software not being readily available.

Reduce overheads

Running and maintaining a cost-effective business model can be hard work.

With a hosted desktop infrastructure from GoCloud, you can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity you use thanks to less pressure on hardware when accessing data, as well as the option to allow employees to use their own devices.

If you currently have your own server, hosted desktops remove the need for this entirely because they’re all stored within our secure UK data centres. This not only lowers your electricity consumption further, but it also eradicates the need for maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

There’s also the option to switch your old PCs with thin clients, which are designed with the sole purpose of accessing hosted desktops via the internet.

This results in them running faster whilst using less power, which is great for both your budget and the environment.

All of your data is totally secure

You work with a lot of very sensitive data, information and communications, so you need to know that none of it can be accessed by anyone but registered users.

GoCloud hosted desktops guarantee complete protection through a range of sophisticated security features:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Password protected desktops
  • Outstanding antivirus software
  • Two-factor authentication
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • GDPR compliance
  • An isolated Windows RDS environment that keeps all of your data on individual hardware

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What people say about GoCloud

"Using the GoCloud technology is just like sitting in the office anyway, so there's never any loss of work time."

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Shane Beardsley

"There were no upfront capital costs, we could save on energy bills, and we could pay for their service monthly."

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Wayne Barclay

"The service is incredibly reliable and since working with them we have had a smooth, fast and stable platform."

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Andrew Wallace

With GoCloud, estate agents can...

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Support Bring-Your-Own-Device
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Enable home and remote working

Manage IT centrally

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