Hosted Desktops for Manufacturers

GoCloud hosted desktops help manufacturers improve efficiency by giving their team the freedom to work remotely.

Hosted Desktops for Manufacturers

The manufacturing sector is constantly growing in both size and complexity. In order to keep your daily processes as efficient and problem-free as possible, you need a reliable and secure digital infrastructure that’s designed around the requirements of a modern business.

Hosted desktops from GoCloud are the answer. They provide exceptional flexibility whilst also being capable of handling any capacity of users and data, making them perfect for even the largest businesses in the manufacturing sector.

How do hosted desktops work?

If you take a look at your current desktop, you’ll see your usual files, folders, email application, software and shortcuts.

You’ll also have settings that are unique to your preferences, ranging from the desktop wallpaper to the brightness and screensaver settings.

A hosted desktop delivers all of this exactly as you like it, except that instead of it being hosted on your own server it’s securely stored in our UK data centres.

All you need to do is log into your password protected hosted desktop via an internet connection and you’re good to go.

This means that no matter where you are, and whatever the type of device you’re using at the time, you have your desktop experience available at your fingertips.

Standardise your practices

Due to hosted desktops being accessible from anywhere and each user’s software automatically updated simultaneously, you never need to worry about having problems with files and data.

Traditional systems often come with disruptive issues, such as documents being accidentally lost, written over or stored on a single computer that’s at the other end of the premises.

With hosted desktops, each user is always working on the most up to date files and no one will be using old versions of software that are likely to cause compatibility issues.

You can also set particular files so that they’re only available to authorised users, enabling multiple staff to work from the same document without the accuracy of its contents being compromised or sensitive information being leaked.

Protect your information

The manufacturing sector comes with a lot of data and you need to know that all of it is securely stored around the clock.

When you choose hosted desktops from GoCloud, you receive all of the following security features as standard:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Fantastic antivirus software
  • Two-factor authentication
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • All software and licenses are updated automatically
  • An isolated Citrix/Windows environment, which stores your data separately

Facilitate mobile working

With businesses in the manufacturing sector usually having large premises and possibly multiple sites, mobile working has never been more valuable.

With the ability to access hosted desktops from any PC, Mac, Linux machine, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry device, your employees can keep on top of data whilst on the move.

For instance, a risk management specialist can log figures in real time whilst travelling around the site, whereas a stock manager can track the daily manufacturing, moving, storing and shipping of individual products with ease.

Meanwhile, sales reps will have all the information they could ever need whilst visiting customers and distributors, and your finance team have the option to discuss workers’ annual leave and other requests whilst on the shop floor.

Improve your profit margins

You’ll also be pleased to hear that hosted desktops bring significant savings.

First of all, the running costs, maintenance, repair work, upgrades and air conditioned environment associated with server units are removed completely.

You then have your individual hardware, such as PCs, which won’t guzzle as much electricity when they’re using hosted desktops.

If you want to maximise on cost efficiency, you can even replace your old equipment with thin clients.

These look similar to a PC hard drive but are specifically designed to access hosted desktops, which makes them much cheaper to run.

Run a greener business

When you reduce your consumption of electricity, you also make your business more ecologically responsible.

Due to hosted desktops being stored on our superfast servers and the strain on your hardware being minimised, you’ll use less power from the moment they’re installed.

This is an excellent move for companies that want to do their bit for the environment, all while saving on utility bills.

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