Hosted Desktops for the Tourism Industry

GoCloud hosted desktops help tourism businesses run smoothly by giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.

Hosted Desktops for the Tourism Industry

Data is crucial to any type of business, especially those within the tourism industry due to the sheer volume of information involved.

From each customer’s personal details and travel documents, to databases that include everything from room bookings to flight schedules, you need an IT system that can handle vast amounts of data whilst also keeping it totally secure.

Hosted desktops offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for the tourism industry, as well as the opportunity to improve the way you run, grow and promote your business.

What are hosted desktops?

Your usual desktop is what you use for everyday tasks, such as creating documents and spreadsheets, checking online information, updating your digital channels, keeping in contact with staff and customers, and managing essential background activity such as recruitment, payroll, tax returns and business development

Hosted desktops are a virtual version of this, in that they look and feel exactly the same but are hosted in GoCloud’s secure data centres instead of on your own hardware and servers.

Why are hosted desktops beneficial?

There’s a whole host of advantages that come with a hosted desktop infrastructure.

First of all, everything becomes much more efficient and staff can be more productive thanks to the speed and reliability that hosted desktops bring to your business.

They’re also available anywhere that has an internet connection.

So instead of you having to do the vast majority of admin tasks on your office computer, you can complete them just as easily on a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or another PC, Mac or Linux machine anywhere in the world.

Aside from opening up the ability for staff to work remotely as effectively as they do on your company premises, they can also access, edit and share documents whilst visiting suppliers and partners, during their commute, or even whilst abroad, which works especially well for holiday reps and tour guides.

Powerful data protection

If even a little of your confidential data were to be lost, leaked, stolen or accessed by an unauthorised user, you would most likely find yourself in the middle of a compliance, GDPR and public relations minefield.

With hosted desktops, you continue your usual desktop experience with the added peace of mind that every piece of data is totally secure in our state-of-the-art data centres.

On top of this, you receive the following security features as standard:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Exceptional antivirus software
  • Two-factor authentication
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • All of your software and licenses are updated automatically
  • An isolated Citrix/Windows environment, which stores your data separately

Lower your costs

You may be surprised to hear that hosted desktops can also help you to reduce ongoing expenditure, often to a significant extent.

This is because you don’t need your own energy-hungry servers and the bills that come with their maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

You can also replace your existing hardware with thin clients, which work much faster whilst consuming less electricity, thereby reducing your utility bills and also your carbon footprint.

Companies in the tourism industry that choose GoCloud hosted desktops also find that their teams get more done each day, helping to speed up business growth and free up extra cash flow.

The result is a tourism agency that’s optimised from the inside out, with every element of daily operations running smoothly through the power of hosted desktops.

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